AlarmPlus is a small, but complex application which fills the gaps in EPOC functionality. It can realize some very important features, some of them were not possible to do until now:
- restore system and regional settings after system reset;
- fully restore shell settings (zoom level, file details, toolbar, etc.) after soft reset; (new in v1.44!)
- cancel alarms automatically after specified time;
- "cuckoo clock" to make beeps each 15, 30 or 60 minute interval; (new in v1.44!)
- run Agenda file on Agenda alarm;
- adjust summer time settings;
- automatically run programs or documents after system reset (new in v1.44!).
AlarmPlus works with EPOC PC Emulator as well and can do the same work. If you are an EPOC developer then now you will not be forced to set up your Emulator settings after its' start.

For detailed description please read below.

How to locate AlarmPlus control panel
AlarmPlus is an application that resides in Control Panel.

AlarmPlus main menu
AlarmPlus has to be enabled to function. To enable AlarmPlus please select necessary option.
If you want to turn AlarmPlus off (for example, if you do not want it to function, either you want to upgrade the one), then you should disable it. Being activated, AlarmPlus will start automatically even after system reset.
AlarmPlus can restore some of system settings those usually cannot be restored after soft reset.
International (regional) settings include: time and date settings, numbers, currency and units.
Home is your current country and city. Check boxes according to your wishes on restoring the settings after system reset.

AlarmPlus also automatically saves and restores (after reset) every shell setting, such as zoom level, file sorting, file details, toolbar position, disk gauge info, etc. No need to use SysBack now!

Automatic alarm cancellation menu
Automatic alarm cancellation is one of the most important AlarmPlus features. Usually Psion plays alarm sounds until cancelled manually. If you want an alarm to be stopped after specified time, please check "Cancel alarms" box.
If you want system to repeat alarm after 5 minutes, select "Snooze then cancel" method and specify how many times to snooze (every snoozing means 5 minutes). In this case, "Cancel after" specifies alarm sounding time.
You want alarm to sound only once, select proper method. Enter amount of seconds (alarm will be stoped after these number) in "Cancel after" field.
If your Psion would be turned off when alarm event occures, then AlarmPlus will turn it off after doing its work. After switching the device on missed alarms will be shown.

Cuckoo clock
Cuckoo clock can make beeps after specified intervals of time. You can configure this feature as you want.

Select Agenda file
In case alarm comes from Agenda event, you may setup AlarmPlus so that it automatically opens a specified file in Agenda. Enable Agenda startup function and select file to open.
It is necessary to open the file so that Agenda could set up next alarm.

Adjusts system daylight settings
AlarmPlus can automatically adjust system daylight settings depending on current time zone.
You can select zones for which to activate this function. Summer time period start and end dates for selected zone will be shown in the fields below.
If a zone does not have a daylight setting rule, it won't be serviced.
If home was set to default time zone, summer time will be set according to home city time zone.

Automatically runs documents or programs
Al last, you can automatically run documents or programs after system reset! This can be very useful "autoexec" feature to run service utilities such as EPOC Task Manager etc. See help reference (Ctrl+H) for detailed info.


Download last version (1.45, November 5, 2002):
- AlarmPlus 1.45 for ER5, 105 KB zipped file (English, German and Russian versions). For Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Mako, MC218, Series 7 and netBook (see a note below) machines. Please use correct version for your device!
- AlarmPlus 1.1 for ER3, 20 KB zipped file (English, German and Russian versions). For Series 5, Geofox and Osaris.
- AlarmPlus 1.1 for WINS, 20 KB zipped file (English, German and Russian versions). For EPOC PC Emulator only.


The best way to install AlarmPlus: copy SIS file to your Psion and run it.

Note for netBook owners: after installation, you MUST perform a "hardware" soft reset, i.e. insert a paper-clip into reset hole near backup cell. Otherwise you will not be able to start AlarmPlus.

Note for those who updates AlarmPlus from old version: to update AlarmPlus, first disable old version (via main menu), then uninstall (or install new version over the old one).
If you have troubles removing the program, delete C:\System\Apps\Alarm+\Alarm+.ini and perform a soft reset.

Removing AlarmPlus

To remove AlarmPlus:
1) Disable it via AlarmPlus main menu (see in Control Panel);
2) Remove AlarmPlus via Add/Remove function - this is a standard way for removing EPOC applications.

If you, by mistake, have not disabled AlarmPlus and now cannot remove it completely, you should:
1) Delete C:\System\Apps\Alarm+\Alarm+.ini
2) Perform a soft reset.
Now you'll be able to remove AlarmPlus

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