Montana 7

Montana 7

Montana is a solitaire card game. This version allows you to play Montana Series 7, netBook and netPad in fullscreen, fullcolor mode. Also it is fully functional on Series 5mx machines (does not run on Series 5 Clasic!). FREEWARE! If you have Revo/Mako, then download Revo version.

Montana 7

Montana deals the entire deck on the table 13 in each row and 4 rows. Then the Aces are automatically removed leaving gaps. The object is to place all the cards in order from Two to King, following suit in each row. When you have no more plays all the other cards will be automatically collected, the Aces added back, shuffled and redealt according to play level.
On the Beginner level you have 5 redeals. On the Master level you have 3 redeals.

You may move any card from one place to another if it matches suit and is one higher in number of the card to the left. If the card to the left of an empty stack is a King, no cards may be placed to it's right. Only Twos may be placed in the leftmost place. A Two of any suit may be placed in any empty leftmost place. If you have no more moves, Montana automatically redeals. After a few redeals (according to play level) the game is over. Enjoy!

Download: Montana 7 v1.0, 68 kB zipped file (English and Russian versions).

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