Freeware by Robin Hood.

It is the only tool for EPOC32 that can save disk space without losing any system functionality.

zExe compresses executable files (applications) and libraries (dlls) written on C++ language. They are, for example, some Neuon and RMR programs, Opera, Web, WAP Browser, eshell, eDoom and many others (.exe, .app, .dll, .ctl, .opx, ...). Overall compression ratio is about 50%, thus you can save some MBytes of space by compressing such applications.

zExe works on-the-fly! You will run your compressed applications as before, from Extras bar or from EPOC shell. Nothing will be changed for you! zExe is fully invisible!

zExe works very fast! With zExe, compressed applications will being loaded almost as fast as uncompressed. Moreover, if you have a slow CF card, with zExe it will take a smaller time to load, uncompress and run than before.

zExe is extremely useful for Revo/Mako owners, who cannot enlarge disk space. Just compress disk-hungry Opera or Web executable (and some other ones) and free up to 2-3 MBytes of Revo / Revo Plus / Mako memory.

However, zExe cannot compress OPL applications (most of EPOC applications are written in OPL). The thing is that OPL applications are documents in fact, not real excecutables.

Now let's take a look at zExe.

Here you can choose a file to compress. Where to seek such files that can be compressed? Look for them in \system\apps\*, \system\libs\, \system\programs\ and some other folders if you have .exe files there. At the pictire above you see a huge OprModel.dll file that takes 2 MB of space.

Press Enter or Ctrl+C to compress the file. Also you can compress all files in folder by pressing Shift+Ctrl+C keys. Now you can see that OprModel.dll file reduced its size to 799 KB!

If you want to compress all suitable applictions, go to menu, then "View" - "Applications". You will see all applications that can be compressed (but this includes only files from \system\apps\).

Of course, each compressed file can be uncompressed with zExe. Just select the necessary file and press Enter or Ctrl+U (Shift+Ctrl+U for all files).

Some other navigation, modes and settings available from zExe's menu.

How to install:
1. Download appropriate version according to your device.
2. Install SIS files in such order: first zLibDll.SIS and zExeLoader.SIS, and then zExe.SIS.
3. Ready to go! Run the application from Extras bar.

Important warning:
You must not uninstall zExe components if you have some compressed applications. Otherwise they will not run. If you, by mistake, deleted zExe, you should install it again.
If you wish to remove zExe from your Psion, first uncompress all compressed files.

- v1.00-1.06. Beta-versions. Internal use only.
- v1.07. Initial public release.
- v1.09. Improved compatibility. Problems with Epoc EMX and Cyrlat fixed. (EMX users: to update from 1.07 to 1.09 you must repack all emx files).

· zExe 1.09 for Revo, Revo Plus, Mako, 5mx, MC218, zipped file (English and Russian versions). Has been tested on Revo Plus, Mako and 5mx with many applications.
· zExe 1.09 color version for netBook and Series 7, zipped file (English and Russian versions). Has been tested on netBook and Series 7 with many applications.

To update previous version: 1) install all SIS files; 2) persofrm a soft reset.

Send your comments to Robin Hood robin_hood@hotmail.ru.

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